How To Style A Button Down Shirt – 6 Stylish Ways In 2024

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Ever found yourself humming Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” while flipping pancakes? Yep, those random bursts of creativity happen to the best of us.

Now, think of that tune and picture this: Sinatra, in a dimly lit bar, pouring his heart into that song, his voice smooth as velvet and his outfit?

A button-down shirt, impeccably styled, making him look as iconic as he sounds. Now back to you. Button-down shirts have made their mark, not just in our wardrobes but in culture, history, and those brunch dates you’ve been to.

Whether you’re looking to bring Sinatra’s charm or add a bit of flair to your contemporary style, the power of the button-down can’t be denied.

You might be thinking, “But I’m no Sinatra.” And to that, I say, every shirt has its day! Give it the right twist, and voila – you’re turning heads!

And if you’re still skeptical, did you know that a whopping 68% of people feel an immediate boost in confidence when they believe their outfit is just right?

The button-down, my friend, could be your ticket to that club. Ready to dive into the symphony of styling it? Let’s make some music together.

How To Style a Button-Down Shirt?

There are so many ways to style a button-down shirt!

You can wear it tucked in, leave it out, tie it, wrap it, and more.

Wear your button-down shirt with a vest or jacket for that extra touch of sophistication.


Tucking the shirt into your pants is a simple and effective way to create a more relaxed look.

Tucked Button Down Shirt

This can be done with any type of pants, but if you’re going for more of an informal look, try half tucked style with your boyfriend’s jeans or even some high-waisted trousers.


The tie-front is a timeless style that will never go out of style.

Tie Front Button Down Shirt

It can be worn with a button-down shirt, t-shirt, or even a blouse.

Tie the front of your shirt in a bowtie and cravat-style knot on the side closest to your body.


You can add a little extra style to your button-down shirt by adding a belt.

Belted Button Down Shirt

Belts come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s definitely something for everyone to wear them with.

Choose a belt that matches the color combinations of your shirt.

Bright colors belts will look best against light colors like white or cream, while light-colored belts look best against dark shirts.

The width of your belt also depends on what kind of waistline you have: if you have more room around your midsection, then go wider; if not, opt for narrower instead.


Off-the-shoulder is a style that’s all about the shoulders.

Off Shoulder Button Down Shirt

The shoulder area is cut away in order to expose more of your skin and create a more casual look.

Wearing off-the-shoulder shirts can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to wearing them often.

However, once you learn how to style them properly and pair them with appropriate pieces, they’ll become one of your go-to staples!


Lace-up the top button, leaving the bottom unbuttoned.

Lace Up Button Down Shirt

Tie a knot at the bottom of your shirt and pull it tight around your waist.

Tie one end of a piece of lace to this loop and tie another piece in an X shape on top of it, making sure to leave enough space for you to move freely.

Now with both ends secured together, pull them out from under your shirt until they are straight across each other (this will help keep them from getting caught on anything).


Untucked Button Down Shirt

If you want to keep your shirt untucked, with a blazer or cardigan, it’s best to go for one that is slightly fitted at the waist and has some structure.

The same goes if you want to pair your untucked shirt with a t-shirt or v-neck—but don’t overdo it!

A more relaxed fit will look great on most guys (and girls!).

If you’re wearing your shirt untucked with another piece of clothing that isn’t as relaxed in shape as your plain button-down, then opt for something else like an open-collar shirt instead of this trendier option.

What Makes A Button Down Shirt?

A button-down shirt is a shirt with buttons down the front.

It’s also known as a button-down shirt, or simply “a button-down”.

Button Down Shirt

A common misconception about this type of garment is that it’s only for business wear.

You’ll be surprised to hear that there are plenty of ways to style a button-down without looking like you’re going to work on Monday morning!

A button-down shirt is a versatile piece that can be styled in many different ways, but they’re not always easy to style.

A well-tailored button-down can be a simple way to add some polish to your look, but it can also be hard to figure out how best to wear it.

How Do You Wear A Button-down Shirt Fashionably?

The great thing about button-down shirts is that they can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the occasion.

Follow these guidelines to adopt proper attire according to the occasion.

For a more casual look, leave the top few buttons undone and roll up the sleeves.

You can wear the shirt with jeans or shorts for a relaxed vibe, or dress it up with chinos or trousers for something more formal.

Another great way to style a button-down shirt is by wearing it open over a tee shirt.

This gives you the opportunity to show off your personal style while still looking put together.

If you want to wear the button-downs as more of a dressy piece, then leave the bottom few buttons undone and pair them with heels.

If you’re going for a more laid-back look, leave the shirt unbuttoned and wear it over a tank top or swimsuit.

And for a truly eye-catching ensemble, button up the shirt all the way and tuck it into a pencil skirt or tailored trousers.

For a classic look, consider the proper fit of a shirt.


With so many different ways to wear a button-down shirt, it’s easy to see why they are such a popular style.

They can be worn in many different situations and with a variety of outfits.

They make for great casual or business attire and there aren’t many other items that can offer this level of versatility!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wear button-down shirts to work?

Button-down shirts are appropriate for the office, but it’s not the only way to wear button-downs. If you’re going to be wearing a suit or blazer with your button-down, then by all means go ahead and do so! However, if you’re just going to have on some jeans and boots (or maybe even sneakers if that’s what’s happening), then there are other ways of styling them without getting into suits or blazers.

How do you wear a white button-down shirt?

Wearing plain white button-down shirts with dark wash jeans is a classic look for men. It’s also one of the most versatile looks you can wear because it can be worn with just about anything from your wardrobe. A simple white button-down is great for layering, as they add texture and dimension without being too heavy on the eyes when paired with other clothing items.

How do you wear a button-down shirt dress?

If you’re going to wear a button-down shirt dress, then it’s best to choose one that has a waistband. This will help keep your look tight and clean, while also allowing for easy access whenever you need to change out of it or work on your makeup. If you want to pair them with sneakers or strappy sandals, make sure that they match the style of shoe (e.g., loafers). Don’t wear sneakers if you have long legs—they’ll just look weird! Also, remember not all shoes are created equal: some might not fit well under dresses due to their lack of structure or stiffness; therefore don’t buy anything too flat if this happens!

How do you wear a plaid button-down shirt?

The answer depends on what you’re going for, but generally speaking, you can wear a plaid button-down shirt with jeans or khakis. This is especially true if the plaid is subtle and has more of an aesthetic appeal than function—think of it as a nice addition to your outfit rather than something that makes or breaks it. If you want to add some flair by pairing it with jeans and sneakers instead of formal trousers (or loafers), then go ahead!

What looks good with a button-down shirt?

It can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, and pants. It can also be worn alone as a dress or open over another shirt. Choose the right style of button-down shirt for your body type and personality.

How do you style a white button-down 2022?

One popular way to style a white button-down is by tucking it into a pair of high-waisted trousers or jeans. This creates a clean and polished look that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. You can also leave the shirt untucked for a more relaxed look. If you want to add some interest to your outfit, try rolling up the sleeves or wearing the shirt open over another top.
Another way to style is by layering it under a sweater or cardigan. This is a great way to stay warm in the colder months while still looking chic. You can also layer it over a tee shirt or tank top for a more casual look.
Finally, don’t be afraid to accessorize your outfit with some dainty jewelry or a scarf. This can help to add some personality to your look.

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