Business Casual Shirts: The Perfect Office Look Ever

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Business casual shirts are designed for an office environment,

especially for the summer season so you will never feel out of place wearing one at your job.

I have compiled a list of some of the best business casual dress shirts that will give you a perfect office look.

Best Business Casual Shirts For Men


Van Heusen Regular-Fit Oxford Men’s Shirt

Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt - Product Image
Best Choice
Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt
  • Button closure
  • Regular fit
  • Button-down collar
  • Adjustable cuff with a chest pocket
  • Easy care
  • Sizing issues

This business casual blue shirt is comfortable to wear and easy to carry due to its supreme fabric and meticulous stitching.

Formal men’s shirt is very comfortable and offers a standard button-down collar.

It looks neat with or without neckwear so you can wear it up or down.

The shirt features crisp cuffs for a well-composed look but has also taken care of the flexibility factor.

Allowing you to let loose whenever you feel like doing so.

The two-button positions allow for a customized, advanced balance.

This shirt possesses subtle lines and is made thinner with supreme craftsmanship on lightweight cotton poplin.

Men’s business casual also contains the old-school collar for a classic look.

The button-down collar makes it perfect to match with a Windsor or half-Windsor knot.

Besides, the standard placket makes it a top-notch shirt; best fitting for office environments as well as formal events.

It would look perfect when paired with a navy, black, white, or chocolate brown suit.

These are contrasting colors and will allow you to channel positive vibes with color vibrancy and give out a confident impression.

Price: $19.99 – $48.62


Van Heusen Men’s Solid Button-down Collar Shirt

Van Heusen Solid Button-down Collar Dress Shirt - Product Image
Editor’s Choice
Van Heusen Men’s Regular Fit Dress Shirt
  • 100% Cotton dress shirt
  • Imported & machine washable
  • Easy care, regular fit
  • Button-down collar
  • Adjustable cuff and chest pocket
  • Collar alignment and sizing issue

Van Heusen’s long sleeve business casual shirt is an essential piece of wardrobe for all men and will surely prove to be a confidence booster once you’ve put it on.

You can wear it with a tie or without a tie to match any casual or formal event such as work, weddings, job interviews, and other events.

This comfortable business casual shirt gives you a classic look with clean style lines making.

The top is made of 60% Cotton, and 40% Polyester, this superb composition allows the fabric to be cool, breathable, and stretchy.

This sleek navy shirt reflects Van Heusen’s modern, sharp texture.

Price: $19.99 – $48.62


Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt Slim Fit Non-Iron Herringbone

Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt - Product Image
Standard Pick
Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Non-iron fabric
  • Slim fit
  • Point collar, adjustable cuff
  • Moisture-wicking keeps you cool and dry
  • Not as slim as appears

Klein Men’s Slim Fit Dress Shirt is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable, hence ensuring that you are comfortable while wearing it.

It is designed to lock moisture away from the body to help you feel cool and dry.

Hence, keeping you fresh and active throughout the day and preventing any chances of getting lazy.

It contains a non-metallic fabric that resists wrinkles to keep you looking good all day long.

It allows you to get the perfect fit, thus you feel comfortable and confident within.

The Italian spread collar shirt is the most iconic feature, allowing you to fashion it with wider knots and maintain a more controlled no-tie look

Besides, the placket-less look is a genuine flex and enhances the modern look.

The Calvin Klein business casual summer shirt is perfect to wear as a professional piece or for formal occasions.

Price: $14.48 – $84.67.


Goodthreads Men’s Standard-Fit Gingham Plaid Poplin Shirt

Goodthreads Men's Poplin Shirt - Product Image
Editor’s Choice
GoodThread Men’s Poplin Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Standard fit
  • Machine wash
  • Button closure
  • Standard fit issues

The good-threads casual business for shirts is widely known.

This specific item from the company is a true exhibition of craftsmanship.

The shirt is gingham-tested cotton-poplin and has a spread collar suitable for wide ties.

The unique check pattern makes it look even better when paired with the color-blocking strategies used to make it the most intelligently designed piece in terms of fashion and style.

The contrast of different shades of blue with a white background is absolutely stunning.

Also, this contrast allows to add versatility to the product and adds a character to it so that it can be worn in various ways.

The shirt is a completely unused gingham plaid shirt made in the Signature Tumbled Cotton for a soft, yet sturdy hand.

The Goodthreads check business casual shirt offers the Standard Fit of the chest chamber, which is lowered at the waist to achieve a modified look.

This shirt is extremely versatile and can be worn with denim, slacks, suits, and sneakers to create the best look which you think is the most appropriate for you.

Undo a few buttons and roll up the sleeves thrice to attain a casual and eased-off look.

Price: $10.49 – $25.90.


XTAPAN Men’s Casual Slim Fit Button-Down Dress Shirt

XTAPAN Men's Casual Slim Fit Shirt - Product Image
Best Pick
XTAPAN Men’s Casual Slim Fit Shirt
  • 100% High-quality cotton
  • Breathable and anti-wrinkle
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Dry in the shade
  • Fitting issues

If you’re looking for shirts that are durable, soft, comfortable, yet stylish, let us put an end to your quest.

The XTAPAN business casual shirts are sure to be your best pick when it comes to choosing a shirt.

These casual business shirts come with a geometric pattern that lends itself well to the technical style.

The shirt is made from cotton and includes a large spread collar and buttoned fabric for a neat-cut look that works with or without a blazer.

Perhaps the best feature about this amazing item is that it is made from synthetic cotton which makes it soft and comfortable.

This XTAPAN high-quality shirt has a Point collar and a button-up style.

The fitted casual men’s dress shirt is lightly tapered around the waist to look its best.

This button-up shirt is fashionable, stretchy, and compact.

Suitable for casual, business, work, date, party, wedding, travel, and for all occasions and seasons.

Price: $16.99 – $25.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shirts are considered business casual?

Shirts that are considered business casual are dress shirts, polo shirts, and button-down shirts. These types of shirts can be worn with either dress pants or khakis. It is important to remember that while business casual attire is more relaxed than traditional business attire, it is still important to look neat and professional. Shirts that are wrinkled or stained should be avoided.

Are short sleeves business casual?

Short sleeves are generally considered to be business casual. However, it is important to consider the workplace when deciding if short sleeves are appropriate. For example, some workplaces may have a dress code that requires shirts with long sleeves. In general, as long as the shirt is not too revealing and looks professional, it can be considered business casual.

Does business casual mean collar?

No, business casual does not necessarily mean that a shirt must have a collar. However, shirts with collars are generally considered to be more professional than those without.

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