How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt – 7 Quick Remedies [2024]

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“Ever had that heart-sinking moment when you’re about to step out, looking all dapper, and then you spot it? A crack in the print of your favorite shirt! 😱

Oh, the horror! Now, before you toss it into the ‘never to be worn again’ pile, take a deep breath.

I’ve been there, and trust me, there’s hope. You see, the world of fashion is filled with little secrets, and today, I’m about to spill one of the juiciest ones. Ever wondered why some shirts just refuse to give up, no matter how many times they’re worn?

Or why others seem to crack at the mere sight of a washing machine? Dive in with me, and let’s unravel this mystery together. And here’s a little tidbit to tickle your curiosity:

Did you know that over 70% of printed shirts show signs of wear within just six months? Shocking, right?

But don’t fret; by the time you’re done here, you’ll be armed with all the know-how to give your beloved tees a new lease on life. So, are you ready to become the superhero your wardrobe needs?”

A Quick Solution:

The most common solution for this problem is to use wet paper towels and rub them across the cracked area, making sure that you don’t press too hard.

If that doesn’t work, try these quick diy remedies to fix cracked print on your shirt.

Why Do Prints Crack Anyway?

Before we jump into the fixes, let’s understand the culprits behind those pesky cracks:

ReasonDetailed Specification
Under-Cured InkInadequate curing time or temperature can lead to ink that hasn’t set properly.
Quality of PrintLow-resolution designs or subpar ink can result in prints that are prone to cracking.
Garment CareWashing in hot water or frequent machine washing can accelerate wear.
Natural WearRegular stretching, like when pulling the shirt on or off, can cause cracks.

I once bought this gorgeous tee from a flea market. The design was stunning, but after just three washes, the print started cracking. Turns out, it was a classic case of under-cured ink!

Over the years, various printing techniques have emerged, each with its unique challenges. For instance, screen printing, while popular, requires precise curing to prevent cracks.

On the other hand, digital printing, a newer technique, demands high-resolution designs to ensure longevity. Being aware of the technique used on your shirt can guide you in its care

How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt – 7 Effective Remedies


Cleaning With Soap And Water

If your shirt has a small crack, it’s best to clean the area with soap and water.

It will help remove dirt, dust, and other substances that may have accumulated in the crack.


Apply Rubbing Alcohol Or Acetone

The best way to fix a cracked shirt is by using rubbing alcohol or acetone.

Apply the alcohol or acetone on the broken area and then put a new shirt on.

When you have a shirt that has a crack in it, there are two ways you can fix it.

  1. The first one is by using rubbing alcohol or acetone to cover the crack and then putting on a new shirt.
  2. The second option is to use epoxy glue, Which will make sure that your shirt stays strong for longer.


Hot Iron Method

Hot Iron Method
  1. Put a board over the unpainted part of the shirt so you don’t ruin it.
  2. Put a piece of medium-sized white paper on both sides of it. The top protector sheet will protect the canvas from being scorched.
  3. When the print is done, remove it by pouring water into the iron and use steam to lift up and stick to the print.
  4. From the inside, the fabric can be treated with a special solvent to soften the adhesive base.
  5. After leaving it on for around 10-15 minutes, scrape the sticker off with a knife, plastic card, etc.
  6. Afterward, it’s recommended to run them through the washing machine with a nail cleaner or vinegar as a way of cleaning off any remaining residue.

Though it is not the easiest task, you can try repeating these steps until all of the glue residues is gone.


Apply Toothpaste

If your shirt has a small crack in it, you can use toothpaste to help seal the crack and make it look brand new again.

If this doesn’t work, try using a hairdryer on low heat to help dry the toothpaste quicker.


Apply Hair Spray

Apply hair spray to the crack and it will fill in the crack and prevent further damage.
If the cracked shirt has too large to be fixed with hair spray, try using duct tape.
Duct tape will also fill in the cracks and prevent further damage.
If your shirt has a large number of cracks, try using some cotton balls or tissue paper to cover up the cracks so that it looks like there is no damage at all.
This is one of the best solutions for fixing cracked shirts and is relatively easy to do.


Paint Masking Method

How to Remove Screen Printing from Clothes

You can fix damaged wall paint with a bottle of paint, ¼ cup of medium paint, and a set number of coats.

Apply the first coat thinly in order to fill any cracks or holes,
Then apply two coats with medium layers each.
For a garment, it is best to add a medium like glue or textile medium,
But you should also read the instructions on how to use those products.


Apply Baking Soda

Apply a layer of baking soda on the top of the crack and let it sit for 15 minutes.
Then scrub off the residue with a wet cloth.
If you prefer to avoid using baking soda, you can also use toothpaste to fix this problem.
Apply some toothpaste to the crack and wipe it off with a cloth.
Let it sit for 15 minutes and then gently scrub off with a damp cloth.

While it’s tempting to try every solution out there, caution is key. Not all shirts and prints are the same. What works for one might damage another.

Always read care labels, test solutions on inconspicuous areas, and when in doubt, consult with a professional.”

How To Remove Screen Print From Shirt

Screen printing is a process used to make a pattern on the surface of clothes. It can be done by using different types of screens and laminates, which are then applied to the clothes. It can be used for decoration or to create designs on fabric. Some people use it as an alternative to tie-dyeing. Screen printing can be done on many fabrics including cotton, silk, and wool.
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How To Fix Cracked Screen Print On Shirt
Here’s how to fix it so that it looks as good as new!
Apply Heat
Apply heat from a blow dryer or iron to the area where the ink has cracked. If your shirt is made of cotton, you can use a wet towel to help hold the heat. The downside of this method is that it takes more time than other methods and that it can damage the clothing if you’re not careful enough with your technique.
Use Rubbing Alcohol
Use rubbing alcohol on your finger and press it against the crack in order to remove any residue left by the screen print ink and seal up any cracks that may have formed.
Commercial Cleaner
You can use a commercial cleaner, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide.
Vacuum Cleaner
The most effective way of removing screen printing is by using a vacuum cleaner with an attachment that has fine bristles.
Add Another Layer Of Paint
If none of these tricks work, try adding another layer of paint or varnish over the top of your shirt.

How To Get Screen Print Off Nylon

WD40 and iron are both effective in removing screen printing ink from nylon.

WD40 is primarily used as a solvent and cleaner and can remove ink from many surfaces, including metal and hard plastic, with good success.

  1. Spray WD40 over the design and work on removing it with your fingers.
  2. Scrub it with a soft cloth or a dishrag and dab dry.
  3. Brush off the soap residue in order to remove stubborn stains.
  4. Avoid ironing nylon (polyester, acrylic) fabric on the wrong side of a duvet cover. It will melt under high heat and ruin the entire piece!

How To Fix Cracked Print On Hoodie


If you have a hoodie or other clothing that has a cracked print, don’t be worried about how to fix the cracked print on a hoodie.

Now I will share some unique techniques to remove cracked prints on hoodies.

Using nail polish remover or cotton cloth to clean up various items is an effective way to do it.

However, please be careful to not remove any of the screen print designs by doing so.

Here are some additional suggestions for working with hoodies:

  1. Insert a cushion inside your hoodie before you start. A piece of cardboard will work, but the ink may get on the back of it.
  2. When you washcloth through nail polish remover then gently rub over the printed design.
  3. Remove the wet design with a soft cloth or brush.
  4. Finally, to remove the nail polish remover, wash the hooded sweatshirt in a regular washing process with detergent.

The fabric of many hoodies these days contains synthetic materials.

As a result, nail polish remover may cause damage to the material.

Before you begin, it’s a good way to check the remover on a tiny, secluded corner of the hoodie.

How To Remove Screen Printing From Polyester

A lot of common items, like t-shirts, hoodies, and shoulder bags, are made with polyester as the main material.

However, synthetic fabrics can be tricky to remove from some garments.

You should use dish soap and a scrub brush for the best results.

Polyester fabrics are treated with chemical treatments and might not react to other stain removal techniques.

Be careful with certain chemicals, like the ones you might use on fabric when removing spots.

  1. Take off the hard-to-clean design from polyester fabric by washing it in warm water and then spraying some dish soap onto it before removing the design.
  2. If the back of your garment has an open weave, use a stiff brush to scrub at the surface of the fabric.
  3. If you’re still having trouble with your stained dishes, try using a dish detergent that not only works.
  4. But is formulated to dissolve the ink.
  5. If nothing else helps, check out alternate methods like those described earlier.

Why Does the Print On My Shirt Crack?

How to Fix a Cracked Shirt

This is a question, many people ask themselves and they usually get different answers.

Some say that it’s because of the sun, dryer sheets, and others say it’s because of static electricity.

I think that what causes the print on your shirt to crack is actually a combination of these factors and more!

  • Layers of Ink Between The Fabric And Paper: The ink in your shirt is made up of particles that are very small, so they can easily be absorbed by the fabric. In contrast, ink on paper is made up of larger particles that do not absorb as well into the fabric.
  • Chemical Reaction With Air: Print on shirt cracks because of the chemical reaction that happens when you expose it to air.
  • Water Soluble Ink: The ink in the shirt is water-soluble, so it’s absorbed into the fabric. The print on your shirt is a material that is made of fibers, which are then bonded together to create a fabric. The fibers in the fabric are bonded by chemicals called resins. When you wash your shirt, the resins break down and the fibers separate from each other.
  • Transfer Of Heat: The print on your shirt cracks because of the heat. It is caused by the transfer of heat from the iron to the fabric. The temperature of iron is usually around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to prevent your shirt from cracking, You can use a cloth or a towel that has been soaked in cold water and wrung out to put over your shirt while ironing it. This will help cool down the fabric and prevent it from cracking!
  • Types Of Fibers: The fibers are made out of cotton and polyester. The cotton fibers have a natural tendency to curl up when they dry, while the polyester fibers do not. When you put a shirt in the dryer with water or detergent, it will cause the cotton and polyester to shrink at different rates. This causes stress on the shirt’s seams, which can lead to cracking.

Source: YouTube

A Few Words of Caution

  • Patch Test: Before going all out, test any method on a small, hidden part of the shirt. It’s like swatching a new lipstick before wearing it out.
  • Avoid Direct Heat: Never iron directly on the print. It’s like using a flat iron without a heat protectant – a big no-no!
  • Read the Label: Always, always check the care instructions. It’s the golden rule of fashion, after all.

Wrapping It Up

Cracked prints can be a bummer, but with a little love and care, you can give your shirts a new lease on life. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, and there’s no reason why a cracked print should dampen your style. So, roll up those sleeves and get fixing!

Got any wardrobe hacks of your own? Share them in the comments below. Let’s keep the fashion conversation going! 💃

“I’d love to hear your experiences and tips on caring for printed shirts. Have a unique solution or a question? Drop a comment below, and let’s learn from each other!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix cracked letters on shirts?

First, you should use a hairdryer or blow dryer to heat up the letter before applying an iron-on patch. You should also make sure that the letter is not touching any other fabric while you are ironing on the patch. If your shirt has already been ruined, you should take it to a tailor who can remove and replace the letters for you.

Can you fix cracked vinyl on a shirt?

A cracked vinyl on a shirt can be a difficult problem to fix. There are many different methods that you can try, but the best one is to use a hairdryer and a hairdryer nozzle to remove the cracks.

How do you fix a peeling print on a shirt?

The most common way to fix a peeling print on a shirt is with water. If the print is wet when it starts to peel off, it will peel right off. If the paint is dry when it starts to peel off, then you will need to moisten the area with water first before trying this method.

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