How To Acid Wash A Shirt – Quick DIY Procedure In 2024

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How To Acid Wash A Shirt?

Acid-washed dress shirts are the ideal replacement for a conventional, worn-out t-shirt.

An old shirt and some bleach can provide a gritty tie-dye appearance.

During the 1980s, mineral washing clothes were commonly known as “acidic washing,” and it gave denim jeans a popular colorful appearance that stood out from regular denim.

Jeans aren’t the only garments that can benefit from mineral hand washing.

It is possible to wash shirts, stockings, and other materials with minerals.

Washing gives your clothes a vintage look. This style was very popular during the punk era.

The bleached, washed-out denim stood out from regular jeans.

Tie-dye is still a part of young culture, and many types of tie-dye are available today.

You can create a unique outfit that reflects your personality simply by using a few basic supplies.

It’s simple to make an acid-wash t-shirt. The bleach can be applied selectively using a spray bottle,

or you can rubber band your clothing and dip it in a chlorine bleach and water mixture.

Whatever method you use, make sure to safeguard your surfaces, clothes, eyes, and skin at all times.

3 Reasons Why You Should Acid Wash Your Shirts

A Woman and a Girl are Washing Clothes

Fix Damaging T-shirts In A More Fashionable Direction

If you accidentally spill bleach on your T-shirt, what should you do? In most cases, people would throw it away. They don’t know, however, that there is a way to not only correct your mistakes but also fix your damaged T-shirt to a unique look.


Giving The T-shirts A Vintage And Striking Appearance.

One of the fashion fads in the 1980s, acid washing began to resurface in the 2000s. It was a technique for making clothing look worn-in and rugged. T-shirts often look eye-catching and vintage after being acid-washed. 


Adding Variety To Your Wardrobe

Acid-washed clothing is widespread. But what about the homemade acid wash T-shirt? It will undoubtedly be a unique piece! So let’s swap out your worn-out and dull t-shirts for some fashionable clothing right away!

Mineral Washable Quick Guide

A Woman And A Girl Mineral Washing Clothes.

Grab a sponge, some bleach, and a shirt or t-shirt made entirely of cotton. Onto a sponge or foam block, pour or spritz bleach. The sponge should be massaged into the fabric softener.

Give the tie-dye messed shirt some time to fade after using bleach. Be sure to use gloves at all times when handling bleach.

Gather all of your supplies.
Bleach and lukewarm water should be mixed at a 1:1 ratio.
Onto a sponge, spray or pour the bleach solution.
Scrub the clothing with the sponge.
Work the damp cloth until you are satisfied.
Scrub the back side of the clothing after turning it inside out.
Wait 10 minutes, or until the color has sufficiently gone, before continuing.
Rinse the bleach off.
Soak the garment in hydrogen peroxide to stain and remove the bleach.
Wash and tumble dry-clean only the clothes after cleaning them.

How To Wash A Shirt In Acid?

It’s simple to create an acid-washed T-shirt. To apply bleach selectively, you can use a spray bottle.

Alternatively, you can use a rubber band to dip your shirt into the bleach and cool water mixture.

Whichever choice you use, make careful to safeguard your body, clothing, skin, and eyes throughout the process.

Supplies For Acid Washing

Supplies for Acid Washing a Shirt.

Ingredients: Whichever method you choose, you’ll need the following things:

An old T-shirt 
Bottle for spraying with bleach
A bucket or basin for cleaning after bleaching
Elastic bands
Security lenses
A set of latex gloves
A surface that is unimportant to you or is covered in newspaper
A Woman Washing Shirt With Spray Bottle In A Laid-Flat Manner.
Using The Spray Bottle In A Laid-Flat Manner
Step 1: The Use Of Bleach And Water
Use a spray bottle to acid wash your T-shirt, which is a typical technique. Using bleach and water in a 1:1 ratio, fill the spray bottle.
Step 2: Place The T-shirt On A Flat Surface
To avoid having your T-shirt come into contact with anything that bleach might stain, place it in an empty tub of water or on a concrete floor. Make sure the T-shirt is wrinkle-free and lays flat. You can spray as many T-shirts as you can if you take this action.
Step 3: Spray The Clothing With A Bleach Solution
Wherever you want it, spray the bleach solution on the T-shirt. If you wish particular regions to fade more quickly than others, you can also direct the bleach spray there. One Laundry tip is to spray in a random pattern rather than attempting to make a design. Your acid-washed T-shirt will acquire a recognizable, edgy appearance.
Step 4: Wait For The Bleach To Form
The bleach will take some time to make the clothing you sprayed lighter in color. Your garment will get lighter as you wait longer in some places. You can easily notice the results after giving the bleach at least 10 minutes to work. You can spray again after 10 minutes and then wait for another 10 before rinsing and shampooing. 
Step 5: Wash And Rinse The Shirt
It has had enough time to develop once you’ve sprayed the T-shirt, so you should move on to rinsing for washing it. Wring out the shirt after dipping it in a tub or bucket of water. Use another water if you want to rinse again because the water will be bleach-filled. Your design can be ruined by repeatedly dipping in the same water.

Tie-dye Style Method: Using The Rubber Bands

A Woman Acid Washing Shirts Using Rubber Band.
Tie-Dye Style Method: Using The Rubber Bands
Step 1: Using A Rubber Band, Crumple, Or Twist Your T-shirt.
Apply the same process as for the tie-dye shirt. The difference is that there is no need to worry about intricate rubber bands or how to twist the garment. Twist or crush the rubber band on your T-shirt. Your T-shirt should be rolled up into a ball and fastened with an elastic band.
Step 2: Bucket, Combine A Solution Of Water And Bleach.
To create an acid-washed T-shirt, mix bleach and water in a ratio of 1:1. After that, combine this remedy in a bucket.
Step 3: Soak The T-shirt In The Mixture.
Place the tattered T-shirt in the solution, submerging it fully. Ensure that the T-shirt is completely submerged in the liquid.
Step 4: Remove The Clothing From The Remedy And Hang It.
Remove the elastic band and take the T-shirt out of the solution. Then hang the T-shirt outside or in a well-ventilated area so it can drip-dry. Never hang your garment over anything that bleach could harm.
Step 5: Spread Bleach On The Shirt
Depending on how thoroughly you want the bleach to take, hang the garment up to dry for between 10 and 20 minutes. Then, to emphasize the effect, sprinkle a cap (or a few spoonfuls) of pure bleach over the front of your shirt. This can be repeated numerous times. Try sprinkling bleach on it, waiting ten minutes, and then repeating the process.
Step 6: Wear Clean Clothing By Washing, Drying, And Rinsing It.
Allow the garment to expand, then submerge it in a tub or pail of fresh water. The shirt should be wrung out before going through a typical wash cycle in the washing machine. All that’s left to do is dry.

How To Acid Wash A Shirt Without Bleach

Put pumice stones in a bucket and add water and potassium permanganate. Soak for around 30 minutes. The effect on your garments will be more dramatic the longer you leave the stones in the mixture.
Using the shut-off valves, stop the water flow to your washing machine.
Put the shirts and pumice stones in the washing machine and run the machine for around 20 minutes without adding any water. After 10 minutes, check the shirt to see how they seem. They might be destroyed if they are left in for too long.
Take the shirts out of the washer and give them a close look. Proceed to the following stage if you like how they seem. Put them back in the washer and continue washing with the pumice stones if you want a more acid-washed appearance. Check the shirt every 10 minutes until the desired result is achieved.
From the washing machine, remove the pumice stones. Washing the shirts in the washing machine is as simple as turning on the water.
Use a dryer to dry the acid-washed shirts.


How do you acid wash a T-shirt?

To selectively apply bleach, you can use a spray bottle. Alternatively, you can use a rubber band and dip your T-shirt in a bleach and water solution. Examine the techniques described in this article more closely.

Are acid wash cleaning clothes safe?

Your nose and lungs can become extremely sensitive to acid wash chemicals, which can also lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, and chronic asthma. However, the hazardous detergents from the acid-washed shirts have been eliminated, making them safe for users. Follow the washing instructions for the acid wash in the article to safeguard your safety.

How long does acid washing a T-shirt take?

To give the bleach time to work, try to wait at least 10 minutes. You can spray again after 10 minutes and then wait for another 10 before rinsing and shampooing if you’d like. Your acid-washed T-shirt will look more dramatic as a result of this action.

Which fabrics can you acid wash and mineral wash?

Always wear garments made entirely of cotton. Start with inexpensive cotton shirts to get the method down. When the opportunity arises, switch to more distinctive things. Nothing compares to a denim jacket or vintage jeans. Cotton, linen, and hemp can be washed with acid and mineral solutions.

Can polyester be mineral washed?

Acid or mineral washing polyester fabric is not advised. All synthetic materials are bleach-weak and readily destroyed.

Can a shirt with a graphic be mineral washed?

Yes, you can mineral wash a garment with graphics. Wear a shirt with a band or TV show graphic on it if you like. As part of the procedure, bleach will react to the graphics. Some graphic types will fracture and peel, which will amplify the previous effect.

Can black clothes only be washed with a mineral wash?

No, mineral water can be used to wash any color of the garment. Black, grey, and dark blue are the most typical colors utilized, but any color will do.

A tie-dye shirt can be mineral washed?

Yes, you can mineral wash a tie-dye garment. It’s as easy as going through the steps one at a time. You can also tie-dye a shirt that has been mineral-washed.

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