How To Wear Cufflinks On A Regular Shirt?

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How To Wear Cufflinks On A Regular Shirt?

Do you own a few pairs of cufflinks but don’t know how to wear them?

Are you afraid to try because you’re not sure if it’s even possible?

Fear not!

It’s actually very easy. All you need are a few simple tips and tricks.

We will show you how to use cufflinks on a shirt with buttons, in case you want to dress up your look a bit.

So read on and learn how to wear cufflinks like a pro!

Which Type Of Cufflink Is Right For You

The cufflinks can be worn with a single or double cuff.

There are holes on both sides of the single cuff, so it looks like a regular dress shirt cuff.

French cuffs, on the other hand, have holes on both sides.

  1. Your shirt’s sleeves should be pushed together or “kissing” at the cuff.
  2. The shirt’s cuff has two holes that the cufflink must be fully inserted through. When your arm is at your side, the face of the cufflink or the colored or decorative portion should face the outside.
  3. Secure the cufflink to the back of the cuff, depending on its design, and you’re done!

For more information check this video.

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Cufflinks are small, decorative pieces of metal or other material that are attached to the cuffs of a shirt.

Cufflinks are used to fasten folded shirt cuffs.

They are usually worn with French cuffs

and shirts that have long, loose sleeves that can be folded back up to the elbow and fastened with cufflinks.

They’re a fashionable alternative to the buttons that are usually sewn onto shirt cuffs.

The defining feature is that cufflinks are separate items,

They may be attached to a shirt and made into a button, but if they’re fully detachable, they’re cufflinks.


The most frequent types of cufflinks are:

Whaleback Cufflinks
Bullet Back Cufflinks
Cufflinks With Buttons Or Stud
Chain Link Cufflinks
Ball Return Cufflinks 
Dual Action Twin Cufflinks
Knot Cufflinks
Fabric Cufflinks

They’re simple to use and come with a big post and closing mechanism, making them extremely convenient.

This is most likely the most popular style of cufflink on the market.

Bullet back cufflinks are similar to whale tail cufflinks,

Except that the post is a hollow frame and the closing mechanism is a tiny cylinder of metal that fits inside.

The cylinder is turned upside down in order to retain the connections.

Stud or Button Style Cufflinks do not have a hinge mechanism.

They feature a large head, a straight post, and a smaller interior head or backing instead of the regular hinge mechanism.

To lock the smaller head in place, it’s first tilted and worked through the buttonhole before being straightened out.

They are quite secure once in place and lack any moving components, making them highly durable.

Chain Link Cufflinks are cuffed with two heads (typically identical) linked by a tiny chain.

The traditional buttonholes on the back are closed with a small leather strap,

Which creates a somewhat looser fastening than other types.

On both sides of the closed buttonholes, there is visible decoration.

The curved post on the Black Onyx Diamonds Ball Return Cufflinks is opposite a tiny, hefty ball.

They’re similar to hinged cufflinks in that they have a somewhat looser clasp than a chain and a somewhat tighter clasp than a chain.

Gold coins are somewhat costly to produce in precious metals since the size and weight of the ball add considerably to the material cost of the product.

Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks are hinge-operated, similar to the closure of a metal watchband.

The entire arrangement hinges on the cufflink.

It opens and is slipped through the gap, then it closes again, clipping the cuffs together under the head.

This modern design has a low learning curve and is one of the most simple to use and secure.

Want to grab a pair of quality locking cufflinks that I have personally tested and approved of?

Knot Cufflinks are similar in design to chain link cuffs,

Except they’re constructed of soft cord (usual silk) rather than metal, and the heads are ornamental knots.

This is a more casual style, owing to the irregular surface of the knotwork.

Fabric Cufflinks may be made out of almost any fastener type, however, they have a fabric “button” on top as the decorative face.

They’re intended to look casual.

Types are metal cufflinks, enamel cufflinks, pearl cufflinks, gemstone cufflinks, glass cufflinks, and plastic cufflinks.


While cufflinks are most commonly associated with dress shirts, they can also be worn with a jacket.

This is a great way to add a bit of style to your outfit and make it more formal.

To wear cufflinks with a jacket, simply button the shirt sleeves up to the wrist and then slip your cufflinks into the buttonholes.

You can also use cufflink adapters if you don’t have a shirt with buttonholes.

And that’s all there is to it!

Wearing cufflinks with a jacket is actually very easy. Just remember to keep them clean and symmetrical, and you’ll be good to go.

How To Wear Cufflink With A Suit

There are not many opportunities to stand out at work.

But cufflinks can help you do that.

Gents can wear different cufflinks to be different from the other people for business attire.

When choosing cufflinks for work, look for something that is stylish and professional.

Stay away from anything too flashy or vulgar.

You don’t want to be that guy who wears novelty cufflinks to work.

If you are someone who wears silver watches,

I suggest that you stick with cufflinks that have simple designs, like a knot.

You could also go for cufflinks that have elegant detailing, like a monogram or crest.

If you want something a little more flashy, consider resin and sterling silver options.

They will stay shiny and not scratch as easily as stainless steel versions.


Your Outfit When looking for the gems you’ll wear to your wedding or any other future special event,

You want something that is of good quality and worth the investment.

When looking for the right pair, there are a few things to consider.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Style
  • Shape
  • Event


Cufflinks are a great way to add some personality and style to your outfit,

But they can also be tricky to wear if you’re not familiar with the different types of cufflinks and adapters.

We hope you have a better understanding of how to wear cufflinks on a regular shirt with buttons,

How to use cufflinks on a shirt with buttons, and when it is appropriate to wear cufflinks with a suit.

Do you have any tips or tricks for wearing cufflinks? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to match your cufflinks with your watch is to choose a simple design or detailing. Stainless steel is a good option, but you can also consider sterling silver and resin.

To clean your cufflinks, use a soft cloth to wipe away the dirt and dust. Then store them in a leather cufflink case or compartmentalized box.

No, not all shirts have the right type of cuff for cufflinks. You need a shirt with buttonholes on the cuffs in order to wear cufflinks. Convertible cuff shirts have two sets of buttons and buttonholes on each cuff, so they can be worn with or without cufflinks.

Can you wear studs with a dress shirt?

Cufflinks and studs are often worn with formal shirts. They can add personal style to any tuxedo, suit, or dress shirt.

You can tell a standard dress shirt because it has two buttons on the cuff. You want to remove the buttons, so your cufflink can go through all four layers of your shirt. The problem is that there is only one buttonhole right now.

Even if you don’t usually wear a tie, you can still wear cufflinks. Cufflinks look great with a jacket, no matter what your style is. I think that not wearing a tie with cufflinks is a more subtle way to show your style and taste. Make sure that the cufflinks you choose don’t have sports.

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